The Game

Arcade meets Electronic Age in the newest Android and iOS game, Jumping Electron.
Transformers, diodes, lamps, radiators invade your smartphone to become obstacles on a highway inside vintage electronics.


  • 4 chapters with 80 adventurous levels inside a Radio, Jukebox, Phone Switchboard and TV.
  • Guide the Jumping Electron to reach the finish line and power up the electronics.
  • Tilt to avoid obstacles and enter tunnels, jump so you don’t crash.
  • Gather Electrons, Protons, Neutrons to maintain energy level.
  • Visit the Ball Shop to choose from the geekiest crash resistant balls
  • Fully integrated with OpenFeint leaderboards
  • In trouble? Level Booster is here to help.
  • Ads make you crazy, unlock No Ads!

This is no game for the fainthearted; can you feeling the adrenaline rush?
Be prepared to become addicted!

Welcome to the Electronic Age!


Finmouse is a Mobile App Startup based in Cluj, Romania.
We specialize in mobile software development and not only, speaking Java, Java Script, C++, C#, Unity 3D and bonding with Android, iOS, BlackBerry.
Building in-house products is a big part of the business. After a hairstyle app and a business app, we decided to shift our focus to games and social apps. Jumping Electron is our first published game… fingers crossed.

Game credits

After 3 months, endless amounts of coffee and Coke our recognition goes to the team:

Programmer: Alin Cristiu
3D Modeler: Andi Drajan
Concept Artist: Catalin Bercea
UI Designer: Sveatoslav Vizitiu
Game Designer: Darius Popa
QA Tester: Alexandra Tamasan
Marketing and PR Manager: Eniko Laszlo