Jumping Electron Available Soon on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Jumping Electron coming soon on iPhone

We are happy to announce that pending Apple App Store approval, Jumping Electron will soon be available on iPhones, iPods and iPads.

After a few months of preparing the iOS grounds, yesterday we finally submitted Jumping Electron for App Store approval.

As previous Android publishers it took us some reading time to get used to the App Store Publishing Rules and Guidelines. Here are some of our impressions and tips:

- The App Store is a waaaay more complex ecosytem than Google Play. While on Google Play it takes about 10 minutes to publish your app, the App Store submission takes much more time.

- Creating a build for iOS devices means creating a provisioning profile first, you can’t test the app until you receive a certificate that your app is approved for testing, only than you can create your build.

-For uploading your binary file you will need to use the Application Loader.

Our fingers are crossed hoping the Apple Guys are in a good mood and approve Jumping Electron as soon as possible, so the FinMouse can finally taste the apple.

A minimum 2 weeks approval time is estimated throught the game dev grapevine.

App Store, we’re coming!

The Jumping Devs.





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