“Jumping Electron HD – light it up by guiding the electron to the bulb labyrinth-style”

Jumping Electron, AndroidTapp Review

Jumping Electron HD is a accelerometer controlled, 3D platform game. You must guide the electron ball through levels of loose transformers, diodes and radiators. Slide through tunnels, collect volts and jump your way through 3 scenarios; Radio, Jukebox, and Phone Switchboard. Action packed and challenging, it’s a great game for the inner geek.

Price: Free, optional In-app Purchases. Tested on: HTC One X

Pros & Cons:


  • Nice graphics!
  • Challenging gameplay!
  • Plenty of levels!


  • Awful pop-up ads.
  • Becomes repetitive after a while.
  • Collecting volts seems altogether pointless when items are so expensive.
  • Collision detection is very mean.


Jumping Electron HD is the prefect game for the electronics geek as players get to roll and jump their way through a world of transformers, diodes, electrodes, wires and lamps. The aim of each section is to guide your electron labyrinth-style to the bulb at the end. Between the starting point and the bulb there are gaps to jump, objects to avoid and volts to collect. You use the accelerometer to guide you left and right and you jump by tapping the screen.

As you progress through the levels they get progressively more difficult, making latter stages really tricky and challenging. I have to say I found the learning curve perfect in this regard. There are 60 levels in total split across three environs; Radio, Jukebox and Phone Switchboard. The first 40 only require you to complete the level beforehand to progress to the next. The last set, ‘Phone Switchboard’ requires payment of 2000 volts.

You collect volts as you play the game but you can buy more from in-game purchases. The options are as follows: $0.99 for 5,000 volts, $1.99 for 20,000, $2.99 for 40,000 volts and $3.99 for 70,000 volts. You can buy balls in a shop, purchase a level booster, unlock ad removal and buy extra energy. If I’m being honest I felt that the volts you earn in-game are pretty worthless overall, as you never earn enough of them to buy anything in-game and without making in-app purchases.

The in-game ads are the intrusive kind that pop-up after every level. Additionally, you get little notifications suggesting you buy a new ball each time you crash, which you might find yourself doing more considering the collision detection is so unforgiving. If your ball gets anywhere near an item you ‘crash’ into it, ending the game. In short bursts I think the game is fun, but I’m unconvinced that making in-app purchases would make your experience any better. Levels are challenging and get more difficult as you progress, but they also lack much diversity and they soon feel repetitive.

Fun Factor:

Jumping Electron HD is a cool little game to play and lots of fun, certainly for a while. I think the game perhaps lacks some longevity seeing as levels begin to feel very repetitive quite quickly. Gameplay is, however, really challenging- once you start a level you really want to finish it.


Here’s the thing; as I said, once you start a level you really want to finish it. However, I found myself not really feeling inclined to try the next level and so on. Gameplay is fine, but I don’t think there is enough diversification in Jumping Electron HD to make you want to play it over and over again.


I wasn’t really able to tell much difference between the Jumping Electron HD version, and the standard one. The graphics in both are very smooth and pretty impressive. Not ground-breaking, but they look good nonetheless.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The accelerometer is an important aspect of the controls and you have to guide your electron left and right to navigate the levels. The sound effects in-game are quite reasonable and the music is OK, but nothing to write home about, not bad, but we’ve seen far better in other games.

AndroidTapp.com Rating

AndroidTapp.com Rating!AndroidTapp.com Rating!AndroidTapp.com Rating!AndroidTapp.com Rating!AndroidTapp.com Rating! (3.7 out of 5)

Should you Download Jumping Electron HD? Jumping Electron HD isn’t a bad game and you should definitely give it a look if you like bold 3D labyrinth games. I doubt it will blow your mind, but it presents a tricky challenge and is well designed.

Paul Wilks for AndroidTapp.

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