Unity 3D Tips and Tricks- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As many of you well know, Unity 3D is a  development platform for games and interactive 3D on the web, iOS, Android, consoles and beyond.

For Jumping Electron we chose to work with Unity 3D game development tool, that we think it is an obvious (and best) choice for mobile games as it is a truly multiplatform engine. Also they really support the indie community.

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Live on Google Play

We Unleashed Vintage Adrenalin to Google Play

Live on Google Play

Yesterday June 13, 2012 at exactly 2:00 PM Bucharest time, we launched Jumping Electron for Android devices on Google Play.

As the excitement and craziness wasn’t high enough, regional Tv station Transilvania Live paid us a visit to feature Jumping Electron game launch on the News.

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Jumping Electron Game Devs Say: Hello Blogosphere!

We’re happy to join your 200 billionish digital space of public blogs.
This is the official blog of our upcoming mobile game, Jumping Electron.

The Jumping Electron Blog will be about “sugar, spice and everything nice” regarding mobile game development.
We plan to reveal as much as possible about game development, app marketing, update news, sneak peaks…
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