Jumping Electron on Android

Electronics Inspired Android Game, Jumping Electron Announces “Phone Switchboard” Update

Recently launched on Google Play, the Game introduces 20 new and exciting game levels further fueling the adrenaline rush.

Finmouse- mobile software development released its first Android game title, Jumping Electron- Electronic Age in early June. Since than, the addictive arcade game has climbed Google Play’s Romanian top 100 and has started to reach Android players in Europe and USA as well. Read article


“Jumping Electron” brings Electronic Age adrenalin to Android

On June 13th 2012 Arcade meets Electronic Age on Google Play Store.

Jumping Electron is an arcade game for Android and soon iOS, with a classic platformer look and feel, and a gameplay fueled with vintage adrenalin.
With 40 levels and two chapters initially, Jumping Electron is a journey back to early Electronic Ages.

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