Press kit

Welcome to the Press Section for Jumping Electron- Electronic Age.
Below you can find press images and a detailed game concept and features description.

Jumping Electron is an electronics inspired arcade game for Android and iOS devices. Fueled by classic arcade style adrenalin, the game features retro graphics and an electronics inspired environment.

Transformers, diodes, lamps and radiators invade your smartphone to become obstacles on a highway inside vintage electronics: a Radio, a Jukebox, a Phone Switchboard and a TV.

Jumping Electron is developed and published by Finmouse- mobile software development, using Unity 3D game engine, custom- made concept art and 3D Models made in Blender.

“We developed Jumping Electron with the goal of bringing to the shiny smartphone ecosystem the forgotten DIY electronics experience and a fun filled game, that promises to keep you addicted for ours”


  • 80 levels and 4 chapters on a highway inside vintage electronics: Radio, Jukebox, Phone Switchboard and TV
  • Tilt and touchscreen tap functionality:  guide the Jumping Electron on the highway, using the built-in accelerometer and touchscreen tap functionality of your smartphone or tablets
  • Electronic components as obstacles: transformers, diodes, lamps are your main enemies on the highway inside the retro electronics
  • Free to play (Android)
  • Freemium (iOS)
  • Volts as virtual coins (Android only)
  • Virtual shop with geeky ad-ons: Balls and Level Boosters
  • Maximum time spent learning the gameplay: 5 seconds
  • Maximum time spent playing the game: till complete numbness
Price and availability:
Press Images and the Official Game Trailer